What is OCaml-RDF ?

OCaml-RDF is the OCaml bindings to Redland's Librdf, Raptor 2 and Rasqal. These are libraries to parse, print, load, store, manipulate and query RDF graphs, used in semantic web applications.

OCaml-RDF is an OCaml library to manipulate RDF graphs. It is still in early development stage.

Implemented features:

OCaml-RDF is hosted on the OCaml forge

The development started in late november 2011.


OCaml-RDF is distributed under the GNU LGPL version 3.


The code is available on Gitorious.



The following packages must be installed:

Just type

# ./configure
# make
# make install

This will install the packages rdf, rdf.mysql and rdf.postgresql with ocamlfind.


You can browse the reference documentation.

Latest commits

Feed items included thanks to this.

Author and contact

Maxence Guesdon <Maxence 'DOT' Guesdon 'AT' inria 'DOT' fr>