Module Rdf_uri

module Rdf_uri: sig .. end

type uri 
URIs are abstract. Do not compare with generic comparison functions (, (=), ...) as it contains functional values. Use Rdf_uri.equal or
exception Invalid_url of string
val string : uri -> string
Create a string from a URI.
val uri : string -> uri
Create a URI from a string.
Raises Invalid_url in case the string does not represent a valid URL.
val concat : uri -> string -> uri
Add the given string to the path of the given URI, using '/' as separator.
val parent : uri -> uri
Return a new URI with the path modified to parent path of the original URI.
val set_fragment : uri -> string -> uri
Modify the fragment part of the URI.
val path : uri -> string list
Get the path part of the URI.
val compare : uri -> uri -> int
Comparison of two URIs, as usual.
val equal : uri -> uri -> bool
Equality over URIs.
val neturl : uri -> Neturl.url
Get a Neturl.url from the given URI. (Neturl.url is the underlying represention of URIs).
val of_neturl : Neturl.url -> uri
Get a Rdf_uri.uri from the given Neturl.url.
module Urimap: Map.S  with type key = uri